Nearly everyone can use a phone to make a video nowadays.

Online editing apps added to this means you can have a nice video to promote your business.


However, there is substantial added value when working with a trained filmmaker. I was taught the tricks of the trade, both technically and creatively.

What type of lenses to use to emphasise a certain aspect.

What movement is appropriate to the content?

What colour scheme fits best with the business?

How to frame an image.


As I also have a Bachelor Degree in Communication Management, I offer input in the conceptual, creative and communication side of the video.


You tell me what the message is you wish to convey and subsequently I will offer you a production from A to Z from initial CONCEPT to FINAL PRODUCT. 


Sometimes I will involve a third party when we want to integrate animation and/or CGI.


Basically, the sky is the limit. Anything is possible and production can take place in your country of choice!


I own a great kit of gear like a 4K Drone to do those stunning helicopter view images, A professional Panasonic GH5 camera with various lenses, a crane to do awesome moving shots, sound gear, an impressive library of music and stock footage, lights and a green screen.


I can work with your low, medium and big budget.


Drop me a line today to setup a meeting to discuss your company’s video.